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As a cyclist, I enjoy biking in the City.  I  support the improvement of trails and making biking in the City more safe and accessible.  I have been involved and highly supportive of extending the Charles River Greenway to make larger parts of the River accessible to users for biking and walking

I supported and have co-docketed legislation that encourages the use of re-usable bags and discourages the use of single use plastic bags

I have been working to improve conditions at Lyons Field including sponsoring an item to get funding to complete an engineering design to resolve periodic flooding at the field.

I support the expansion of the use of solar energy utilizing City sites, where appropriate and the electrification of the City's vehicle fleet.

I am monitoring the site selection for the NewCal senior center. I do not support the taking of green space or scarce parkland for its construction.  I strongly support the creation of a New Senior Center but I would like to explore the potential to  re-use existing facilities or the acquisition of additional land.

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