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Managing Growth and Our Future

How can we better manage change so we have more of what we want and fewer of the problems of Newton Corner or Needham Street?  How do we minimize price escalating property speculation while still allowing construction of the new housing units our existing population and incoming new neighbors want?

Shouldn't the City have a housing plan that is supported by its residents rather than responding ad hoc to developer proposals? Where can we find models of the kind of development we want?  What might the impact of autonomous vehicles be on transportation opportunities and patterns? How do we balance the infrastructure we have or can expect to have with all of this?

The answers aren't black and white, they're not simple. A middle common ground can be found. Proponents of larger developments are not necessarily in favor of towers. Opponents of larger developments are not necessarily in favor of no new construction or remodeling of existing housing.


  • Zoning Reform - reducing the need for special permits and exception. This reform would reduce the workload of the City Council.
  • Thoughtful collaborative analysis of recent development with the results providing us with a basis to continuously improve how we plan, execute and maintain growth in the housing stock. We need the patience to get this unbiased analysis done and communicated.

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